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Politics At Work

So interesting.

I work at a local grocery store chain. I work as a cashier. But it’s so interesting to see the interactions between all the workers and the boss. Store Director is in charge of everything but still has to yield to the supervisors that come from headquarters. The Managers run their own departments and only answer to the Store Director. The Assistant Managers run the check out area and obviously answer to the Managers and Store Director. They are in charge of the lowly cashiers and baggers. This is the same in the produce, meat, deli, grocery, and frozen department.

Now. Within this organization there are those in authority who pick favorites in each rung on power. The ones who are favored end up getting all the benefits and perks of the job. And of course, there are also little factions or sides that everyone is on. They all clash at one time or another and drama ensues.

I’ve learned a lot in my three years working my crappy but enlightening part time job.


Who is the All American Korean Girl?

I tried to be cool with it.

I tried to ignore it.

Fuck it. Can’t be done.

Racism. Stereotypes. Seriously, people? 21st century and we’re all still spouting the “ching chong” business and taking cracks at the Asian accent. Sheesh.

I always felt kind of isolated due to my parents’ culture. America and Korea are polar opposites. What’s acceptable in one culture would be seen as rude in the other. I hate being seen as someone who is “foreign” just because of my physical features. I don’t need to justify my citizenship. Can’t you tell by my obnoxious attitude? LOL.

All American Korean Girl is my attempt at being me without having to make excuses. Without having to explain.

Guess what?

I’m just like any other kid growing up in the United States. Struggling to figure out what I want to do with my life and getting through life’s shitty ass problems.

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