I am an American born Korean. My parents immigrated from South Korea to the United States in pursuit of the ever elusive American Dream. However, there are some confused people in this country who see me as a foreigner. This strikes me as odd because I was born and raised in Massachusetts. I have only been to Korea once and that was when I was four and memories that young are pretty fuzzy. My dominant language is English and am willing to bet that I’m better at it than all the other “white” kids I know. Yet people are stuck on the fact that my skin is considered “yellow.” My eyes are smaller than average–I have no crease to speak of. Long silky straight black hair. Eating odd food that weirds everyone out.

You would think in 2010 people would get past this already. Never fear, I’m working on it.

This blog is a personal archive for events in my life. It will house random rants and eccentric epiphanies. I’ve decided to make this as a journal for the next three years as part of my undergraduate experience. My major is Sociology with a concentration in Social Inequality and Diversity. I also am aiming for an Asian American Studies certificate while debating on tacking on the English major to double up. Then hopefully onto law school to enter the public interest and help the poor unfortunate souls beat the nasty big companies! Who knows what other craziness I’ll accomplish?

Feel free to comment and chat. I love talking with people. When ideas clash, amazing things tend to happen.

Have a fucking awesome day! ;]


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